Review: Night’s Dominion: Season 2 #1

The Cult of Uhlume is no more, and the city of Umber nurses its wounds, as do the reluctant heroes who saved it. Trauma and tragedy have left their mark on Emerane, the lowly barmaid. But when Asps target the city’s Alderman, as well as its champion, the Furie, she finds herself donning the mantle of the Night once again, and coming to their defense — whether she’s ready or not.

In Night’s Dominion: Season 2 #1 we finally see the aftermath of the events of the first story arc. Yet, the city of Umber wants to turn a blind eye to what truly happened. This forces the heroes of the previous story arc to return to their normal lives. That does not seem to last long as the streets become a hunting ground for assassins. It’s an exciting beginning, as Ted Naifeh weaves a tale of fantasy and heroism once more.

The art continues to impress. It showcases a lot of contrast and color palettes as environments shift. Even doing some decent close-up show of familiar faces, and new alike. Yet, a decent of amount of quick action continues to steal the show. We also get a possible peek at what may happen next.

Story: Ted Naifeh Art: Ted Naifeh
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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