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Review: Harbinger Renegade #6

Harbinger Renegade #6 Cover A LarosaIn Harbinger Renegade #6, at the height of the Dark Ages, one of the world’s first psiots has made a terrible discovery: he’s not alone. Lurking in the shadows, a mind as sadistic as it is powerful waits. A predator with a darkness so great, it will consume any rivals that dare reveal themselves. How will the secret of these legendary figures come to bear on the modern day? How will it shape the catastrophic Harbinger War that is to come?!”

After the chaotic battle that resulted in the death of major somewhat known Valiant characters last issue, Harbinger Renegade #6 provides an interlude. Also, it makes us wait another month before reading about the consequences of the death filled fifth issue. And it does so by whisking the audience back nearly a thousand years.

The advantage to this is that those unfamiliar with the series can read a standalone story set around the time of the Crusades. The cost is that this issue has nothing obvious to do with any previous issues of Harbinger Renegade. That may not be ideal for new readers carrying on with the series. If you’re already reading the series, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this seemingly standalone interlude story delivers. Juan Jose Ryp has a talent for depicting the savageness of war waged with bladed weapons. When the basic premise of this issue is an army besieging a castle, then you know you’re in for a visual treat.

Rafer Roberts handles the interlude issue well. It gives us an issue that tells a compelling one shot story that has little impact on previous events. But, it’s bound to set a lot up in the future, Roberts makes you forget about the fact that it’ll be another month before we see the aftermath of the events of Massacre. Sir Gerald Of Catalonia is the issue’s narrator and the commander of the force supplied by an ancient order dedicated to wiping out a demon, the Brotherhood Of Cuth. The story is well paced and feels neither padded nor rushed. We get what is an incredibly solid story that has minimal ties to the larger Harbinger story. At least until this issue’s story progesses over the coming months.

I enjoyed this issue far more than I expected. I suspect that those more invested in the Valiant universe will find a few nods to other mysterious factions. Some even from Roberts’ own stories. Whether those factions are one and the same with a thousand year gap…. I’ll leave that to you to decide.

My only complaint with Harbinger Renegade #6 is that because it’s an interlude story, we probably won’t revisit the time period again.

Story: Rafer Roberts Art: Juan Jose Ryp Colours: Andrew Dalhouse
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review
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