Stephan Franck’s Silver Kickstarter Gets a Second Comic

It’s been over 30 years since Professor Abraham Van Helsing visited Dracula’s castle. Now his descendent, the mysterious vampire hunter Rosalind Van Helsing, is teaming up with a ragtag group of con men for a high stakes heist to rob Europe’s richest vampires. Welcome to the world of Stephan Franck’s Silver, a globe-trotting graphic novel series that mashes up the world of Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula with action, adventure, humor, pulp storytelling and modern sensibilities.

Having previously funded the first two volumes of Silver via Kickstarter, Franck and his company Dark Planet Comics has about a week left in its Kickstarter campaign to fund the third volume of Silver and help bring the first two volumes to a wider audience.

Sometimes, a story just wants to be told. It doesn’t care if you have other plans or an already busy schedule. It burns its way through your psyche until you have no choice but to just let it out into the world. And thus, this Kickstarter adds a new wrinkle (or comic in reality), Rosalynd. The graphic novel is a 244-page Hard cover one-shot which dives deeper into the Silver Universe.

Rosalynd is meta fiction not only expanding Franck’s world but also reflecting his family and its history, “wandering Jews” from Bessarabia–the East just beyond the East that Bram Stoker writes about—who fled across Europe.


Rosalynd is available in a couple of ways.

  • As its own pledge level $22 – Rosalynd (HC)
  • Part of a new bundle pledge $57 – Rosalynd (HC) + Silver Vol 1,2 & 3 (TPB)
  • As and add-on at survey time: TO ADD ROSALYND TO AN EXISTING PLEDGE, INCREASE YOUR EXISTING PLEDGE BY 21.99$ AND SELECT ROSALYND AS AN ADD-ON AT SURVEY TIME (additional shipping will apply at survey time–$6 domestic, $25 international

And check out some images below!




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