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Those Two Geeks: Episode One

The hosts of Gotham Weekly return with a new name and a new episode count as they move aware from being a Batman centric podcast into the wider world of nerd and geekdom. Think of it as our very own Rebirth!

But don’t worry, Bat-fans, despite the new name, there’s still a lot of Batman talk this week  as Alex and Joe sit down to talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming and Batman #26.  

This week’s Comic Club (the feature we don’t name in the actual podcast), in which our hosts assign a comic to the other in rder to discuss it the following week, has Alex reading Batman And The Shadow #3 and Joe tackling Batman/Elmer Fudd #1. 

If you want to join in the conversation then next week’s Comic Club assignment for the hosts will be:

For Joe: Kill Or Be Killed #1 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
For Alex: Dark Days: The Casting #1 by James Tynon IV, Scott Snyder, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, John Romita, Jr.

As always, the Alex and Joe can be found on twitter respectively @karcossa and @jc_hesh if you have suggestions for a future Comic Club comic for them to check out.