SEGA and IDW Publishing Dash Forward with Partnership Deal

Just a day after SEGA revealed that it was ending it’s publishing deal with Archie, the video game publisher revealed that Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends have joined forces with IDW Publishing to begin a thrilling new chapter in the Blue Blur’s adventures in 2018.

Creative teams are currently being formed, and a publishing plan is now underway with more details to come at a later date. Writers and artists will be bringing their considerable talents to the comic book world of Sonic.

The character debuted in comics back in 1992 followed by an ongoing series in 1993 published by Archie Comics the series had run for 24 years making it the longest ongoing comic series based on a video game. The series had run 290 issues.

Speculation has been rampant as to where the popular character would wind up after the series hadn’t been solicited by Archie.

It’s unknown if the series will be a completely fresh restart or if it will work off of the continuity that has been built over some time.

Archie had been publishing multiple series and an excellent series based on Mega Man. That series too has been absent for some time.

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