Lion Forge’s CubHouse to Publish Samuel Sattin and Ian McGinty’s Glint: Loon’s Army

Lion Forge continues to make good on the promise of “Comics for Everyone” as another new title is announced in it’s growing younger readers imprint. The company will publish co-creators Samuel Sattin and Ian McGinty‘s Glint: Loon’s Army through their CubHouse banner in the coming year!

Glint: Loon’s Army is the introductory volume of a three-part series that pulls from elements of comics, manga, science fiction and fantasy to create a story of family, social conflict, and resilience.

The planet Mora is hurtling through space, from solar system to solar system, looking for a star it can finally call home. It’s also about to be mined to death, losing the last of its energy-producing, planet-sustaining mineral Glint. But shhh, that part’s a secret. A secret that will send a young, headstrong miner named Loon and his hoverhog-riding grandma on an epic journey for survival, for the sake of not just their families, but the very world they hold dear.

Glint tackles big themes with colorful, stylized cartooning, humor, and a fast-paced, emotional narrative. Readers of all ages will find themselves immersed in the story as the main characters strive to save their loved ones (and their planet) by harnessing the optimism of youth, outsmarting the establishment, and trying to understand what it means to do good.

Written by Samuel Sattin, and penciled and inked by Ian McGinty, Glint: Loon’s Army will be colored by Kendra Wells, for release in February 2019. Subsequent volumes will follow close behind in October 2019 and April 2020.

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