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Rob Liefeld is Bringing Back Dave Cockrum’s Futurians

It’s been announced that Futurians, a superhero team created by Dave Cockrum will be returning courtesy of Rob Liefeld.

Debuting in Marvel Graphic Novel #9 in 1983, the series is about a future society known as the Terminus who attempts to change history by transmitting genetic information through time that results in superpowers. One man is sent back in time to bring those superpowers together for battles he knows as his history.

The original series was followed up by an unfinished series that was published by Lodestone Comics in 1985.

Liefeld’s deal will allow him to develop the property for comics, film, and tv.

Liefeld shared his excitement on Facebook where he said:

The guys that paved the way for me in comics are among the one’s I respect and admire the most. Dave Cockrum brought the X-MEN into the modern era with Giant Size X-Men #1, the book that introduced Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler and Thunderbird alongside Wolverine and Banshee. That book rocked my world when I was 8 years old and I became a fan for life! Dave would carry the book twice in my youth with 3 fan favorite runs. He would later introduce his own creations THE FUTURIANS in a Marvel graphic novel that had me at “Hello”. After a brief run with an independent publisher, The Futurians have been hidden away for several runs and it is my great honor to work with his estate and bring these characters and his legacy back to the fore!! Excited for the FUTURE!!