Review: Dark Days: The Forge #1

Darkness comes to the DC Universe with the mystery of The Forge! Aquaman, The Flash and more of DC’s pantheon of heroes suspect Batman of hiding a dark secret that could threaten the very existence of the multiverse! It’s an epic that will span generations-but how does it connect to the origins of one of DC’s most legendary heroes?

Dark Days: The Forge kicks off DC Comics’ summer event Dark Days: Metal which revolves around a mystery that goes back to the beginning of civilization and the DC Universe. The build up has indicated this is an event that will feel epic in scope and writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV deliver in a way that’s surprising and unexpected by me.

I use that word “unexpected” despite the fact the two writers are beyond talented and continually deliver entertaining comics. I chose that word because from the little we’ve seen, the comic itself feels like a bit of grim and gritty which now feels so far off from the bright, positive, filled with hope world of DC Rebirth. The comic is unexpected in that even though it does have an ominous tone about it, it still fits within the Rebirth world unfolding in a way that builds a mystery and teasing out enough to get readers excited.

The other reason the comic’s success is unexpected is due to the fact that it feels like it breaks the mold of having to be entrenched in DC Universe lore to really appreciate what’s going on. That’s something I’ve talked about before and Rebirth and this comic feels as a whole like it fixes that issue that has plagued the range of comics.

Instead, we get a comic that’s easy to enjoy on its own as the story unfolds. It’s enjoybale for new and old fans alike with those who have decades of knowledge probably getting more out of it than those who only have months (or years). It also does well in feeling like a new reader can pick it up, but those who have been reading Snyder and Tynion’s Batman will also feel like it’s the beginning of a payoff of something that has been teased at for quite some time. Something is coming. There’s a big mystery out there. Batman is on the mission, whatever that might be.

And a lot is thrown in this issue. Too much to go over and also I just don’t want to spoil it. We get revelations and characters and teases and an ending that has taken my trepidation over the event and turned it into excitement to see what comes next. There’s so much packed in, I’m still trying to figure it all out.

The art is by some of the best out there including Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, and John Romita Jr. and while I’d have preferred it be one of the three rockstar artists, the switching of styles isn’t a bump at all and honestly isn’t something that really jumped out at me. Romita’s unique style is the only one that really stood out, but wasn’t in a way that causes a massive issue at all. To see such quality art though helps solidify the importance of the issue and shows off the epicness of it all with beautiful visuals.

A comic I went into expecting the usual “event” blah out of it I came out of excited to see what comes next. This is an event that was promised to be epic and it delivers on the hype.

Story: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV Art: Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, and John Romita Jr.
Story: 8.45 Art: 8.45 Overall: 8.45 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review