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Bombshells United Takes on American Internment Camps

The Nazi-punching fan-favorite heroes of DC Comics: Bombshells are returning for a brand-new digital-first series this August with Bombshells United. Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Supergirl and more continue to fight the oppressors of World War II as they head to a new location—the United States! Writer Marguerite Bennett continues to pen the greatest roster of female Super Heroes alongside artist Marguerite Sauvage, who returns to the title for the first arc.

The series refocuses our story as an alternate history and asks the question, ‘If you could live this life over, what would you do differently?‘” The series will take us back to different theaters of the war, and will tell stories of defining moments of the characters there — both the stories as they unfold within the Bombshells universe, as well as information on how the true events played out.

The new series is inspired by a dark chapter of American history that has been overlooked, ignored, or even erased from the national narrative, the interment of individuals during World War II.

Bennett did her research reading a variety of novels and history texts, taking several trips to Manzanar and speeking with volunteers. She also deferred to a variety of Asian-American creators and editors in order to make sure that the story she was creating was respectful, and she was telling an honest and truthful story, that drew heavily from the experiences of those who underwent the atrocity, and survived with power and grace.

The new tale begins in 1943, with Wonder Woman is headed to Arizona. Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy called for Diana’s help when their families were forced from their homes under Executive Order 9066, which displaces them and other Japanese and German Americans into internment camps. To save them, Wonder Woman will be forced to confront the very armed forces she fought beside on the European front. The series will continue to bring more of DC’s pantheon of female Super Heroes to the page, with thrilling new adventures within the alternate-history timeline.

The new series will also bring a new structure, with each arc focused on a particular hero or group of heroes, in order to dive deeper into each storyline.

The first chapter will launch Friday, August 25, with new chapters available weekly. Print issues will collect two digital chapters each beginning September 6, shipping twice monthly.