Mezco’s New Summer Exclusive! Mez-itz 1989 Batman

Tim Burton’s groundbreaking 1989 film Batman redefined the superhero genre and introduced a bold new look for Batman. This Mez-Itz perfectly captures the look and feel of the 1989 Batman. This 2-inch tall Batman comes complete with his grappling gun and Batarang, perfectly scaled to fit in his hands.
The Mez-Itz 1989 Batman figure comes on a die-cut card for easy display in your personal Batcave.

He is available for pre-order or the Mezco Toyz SDCC booth # 3445. As a special bonus, order the Mez-Itz 1989 Batman Summer Exclusive along with any other 2017 Summer Exclusive from Mezco and receive a $7 discount.

The figure is expected to ship July-September 2017.