AfterShock Announces Fu Jitsu from Jai Nitz

This September, AfterShock launches a brand new series from writer Jai Nitz and artist Wes St. Claire, Fu Jitsu!

Fu Jitsu is the world’s smartest by, and has been for the last hundred years. Wait, what? Fu is an un-aging genius, and has had adventures around the globe and around the galaxy. From Einstein and the Wright brothers, to Gandhi and Johnny Unitas, Fu has met everyone in history while protecting Earth from Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man, and his dangerous magi-science.

Fu exiles himself to Antarctica to try to forget the painful break up with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel. Meanwhile, Wadlow returns from the far-flung future and sends James Dean, his ultimate assassin, to kill Fu at the South Pole. And you thought your teenage years were tough?

Fu Jitsu #1 comes to shelves September 27, 2017.