Review: Motor Girl #6

If there is one person on Earth that visiting aliens trust, it’s Samantha Locklear. Now Sam is fighting to save the desert junkyard that has become a UFO safehaven from an industrial tycoon determined to seize the land and install an anti-UFO weapon. Fortunately, Sam has a secret weapon of her own, her imaginary gorilla friend Mike!

A month off from Motor Girl, even for the release of the first trade, feels like too long for what is one of the best comic series on the market today. Terry Moore, who both writes and draws the series, continuously knocks it out of the park with a combination of humor and heart in a comic where you never know what to expect, but you know you’ll leave with a smile on your face even when you’re fighting back tears like this issue.

Picking up from the last issue it’s hard to talk about the first half of the comic without spoiling it. But, the humor is packed to the beginning setting up the reader for the latter half which feels like a punch to a gut by the end of it. The first half continues the alien abduction story and it’s really hilarious how it’s presented but as with what feels like everything with this comic, not all is at it seems. Again, don’t want to spoil things, that’s part of the fun of the series.

But, Moore delivers a punch to the fut as I said with the latter half that dives into Sam’s military service after an explosion triggers a memory and what I assume is PTSD. We are taken to her service in what’s clearly a Middle Eastern field of battle. It doesn’t matter specifically where only what happens. Again not to spoil anything, but Moore reveals Sam’s injuries she’s sustained and been danced around a little bit and also what’s likely the origin of Mike. It’s utterly heartbreaking, shocking, unexpected, and again Moore adds so much depth to his characters.

What starts with putting a smile on my face ended with my jaw dropped and a gasp. But, even with the air sucked out I still kept smiling due to the first half of the comic. Moore brilliantly mixes humor and emotion in a comic that has delivered with every issue and continually surprises. Easily my favorite comic out today and one of the best being released.

Story: Terry Moore Art: Terry Moore
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy