Early Review: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Vault #1 of 3

When the moon-bound crew of Gaia stumbles across an enormous alien vessel, more technologically advanced than their own, priorities change. The mystery deepens when the crew discovers the name of the vessel along the hull… written in English: Vault.

John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Vault #1 kicks of the brand new science fiction anthology series from Storm King Productions. Out in July, the first issue has a solid mix of the sci-fi space classics taking its queues from Alien(s), Event Horizon, and more building an atmosphere and experience that’s tense and just downright creep.

Written by James Ninness, the comic itself follows a familiar story of a crew coming across another ship and exploring it happening upon the horrors within. This first issue sets things up in a way that even though the experience feels familiar, the specifics stand out as unique blending in horror aspects along with the sci-fi setting. But, what’s most impressive is, I had no idea where the first issue was going and where it’ll all go from here. Where I expect something to zig it zags and leaves me wondering what’s next.

The art by Andres Esparza with colors by Sergio Martínez help creates a creepy atmosphere. But, what I particularly like about Esparza and Martínez’s art is that while the story is science fiction, their art also plays into the horror aspects of the comic and excellently plays into both aspects and does so really well.

Overall, a solid first issue that scratches an itch I have for this type of story. It’s one I really enjoy and the fact Ninness and the team have balanced what feels like a horror story in a sci-fi setting so well is impressive and has me excited to see what’s next. While using familiar tropes and experiences, we’ve got something that draws us in and keeps us off balance in the right way.

Story: James Ninness Art: Andres Esparza Colors: Sergio Martínez
Lettering: Janice Chiang Cover: Nick Percival
Story: 8.10 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.05 Recommendation: Buy

Storm King Productions provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review