TV Review: Arrow S5E22 Missing

arrowBlack Siren returns to help Chase; Felicity organizes a birthday party for Oliver; Lance is furious when Rene misses the custody hearing for his daughter.

Arrow deals with Chase in jail, who still has some tricks up his sleeve in the end game that feels like it’s adding about 3 more episodes than needed on to the season.

The episode mainly deals with Chase who has a contingency plan that we saw begin to play out in the last episode. Oliver’s son is kidnapped and then hits go out on the rest of his team. It all feels a bit needlessly complicated in that Chase could easily reveal Oliver and his past crimes which would land him in jail where he could be tortured. Wouldn’t a smarter play be to prosecute him instead?

Instead, we get a season that’s played out a bit too long and the return of Black Siren among other characters.

That puts Oliver in a corner and he has to team up with individuals who used to be adversaries. We once again have a story asking how far Oliver will go. We know he’ll go far, this has come up over the last five seasons multiple times. It’s a plotline that’s played out. Here though, we’re given a twist at the end that’s supposed to shock viewers as a familiar bad guy returns. Sadly this was already spoiled online so the impact wasn’t quite as much as it’d have been otherwise. But, there’s some potential to see Oliver team up with the likes of Merlyn and Nyssa. That interaction is keeping me going (along with having to review the episodes).

It’s not this is bad at all, it just feels stretched out and as I said before a theme we’ve seen too many times. For a season that attempted to get away from an over the top bad guy, it still is giving us situations that are eye rolling in how needlessly complicated they are.

Overall rating: 7.0