Review: Barbarella OGN

I remember the first time I watched a B-movie, was with my cousins and two of my uncles. One of my uncles kept telling us that the best movies were made in the 1970s. To our pubescent ears, it probably sounds just how prehistoric life was when anybody who watches The Goldbergs or Fresh Off the Boat, as we could not believe hem at the time. Then my uncle brought A VHS tape of the Big Bird Cage starring Pam Grier.

My whole world changed, as I instantly fell in love with this world. When we used to go to the video store, I looked for these movies, in fact, any movie from the 1970s. Granted, there was a lot of crap out there, but there were also a few gems. One of those movies was Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda, as a hypersexualized space traveler, which not only had all the genre tropes but what anime fans, have come to call, provide “fan service”.

So, when I found out it was originally a comic, I wanted to read it, but unfortunately, it was in French, and although I could understand for the most part what was going on, the snide remarks and smart discourse the movie had, was literally lost in translation. Years later when Humanoids acquired the title and had Kelly Sue DeConnick adapt it and translate it. The work not only stands the test of time, it soars. The stories contained in this collection, are more than space exploration stories, they are the campy movies from the 70s I grew up on. By the end of this volume, the reader is reminded of the movie, but also finds out how much they have missed by only watching the movie.

Overall, a fun trip down the nostalgia hole that is B-movie fun. The stories by Jean-Claude Forrest, are just as exciting and amusing, as one could have imagined. The art by Forrest has that crude 70s style that most artists of the time copied, but his characters and backgrounds still jump off the page. Altogether, in a time where political correctness was not as fervently checked, this book is a time capsule when your imagination was the only ticket you need to explore these worlds.

Story: Jean-Claude Forrest Adaptation: Kelly Sue DeConnick Art: Jean-Claude Forrest
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy