Review: All-Star Batman #10

When the Dark Knight is taken down by a new enemy whose attacks he cannot counter, he uncovers a plot spanning generations…whose mastermind might be one of his closest allies! But who is the First Ally?

Kicking off a new story arc, All-Star Batman #10 continues the impressive run of writer Scott Snyder who it feels like is adding depth to every character he touches and focuses on and this issue is no exception. The focus here is Alfred Pennyworth (which spoils some things in a way, but not completely) and where it will go, I have absolutely no idea.

Split between the present and past, we experience two stories, the first of which features Bruce attempting to infiltrate a deal by pirates and the second involving someone on the run from police. It’s that latter aspect that is the twist challenging readers to not expect what they’re expecting. It’s a set up of epic proportions giving us action but also asking us to pause and rethink a bit about a character we know. It’s hard to say more without really spoiling things, but it’s another fantastic start that has me excited to see what’s next.

Joining Snyder is Rafael Albuquerque, one of my favorite artists working today and the art style is as absolutely fantastic as I’d expect. The action flows and Albuquerque’s style is so distinct, this is a match I want to see more of. The small details added to each scene helps add to Snyder’s story, especially those set in the past but it’s done in a way that’s subtle and will have you go back to read again.

A solid start that shows why this is one of the best comics on the shelves. Snyder continues to surprise at the quality and depth delivered (as well as bringing something new) and the addition of Albuquerque on art is the icing on the cake. Absolutely awesome.

Story: Scott Snyder Art: Rafael Albuquerque
Story: 9.5 Art: 10 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review