TV Review: Arrow S5E21 Honor Thy Fathers

arrowOliver faces the forced release of dozens of violent criminals prosecuted by Adrian Chase; a crate arrives at Oliver’s office containing a mysterious corpse encased in concrete.

Arrow begins to wind down the season as Team Arrow really takes it to Chase as the fallout for the reveal of Chase is a villain is explored and a revelation about Oliver’s father happens too.

It’s an episode that packs a lot in and at the same time doesn’t feel like it explores enough of any of it. There’s action, there’s lots of discussion, and then there’s an odd resolution to Chase that has the season feel a bit anticlimactic. Add in Rene dealing with his family situation and you have an episode that really attempts to do too much and with only two more episodes left a lot to still go over you can understand why to some extent.

The eventual showdown between Oliver and Adrian I know I was hoping for something more. A well-choreographed fight, lots of action, maybe some threatening moments, but what’s presented doesn’t feel like much of that at all. It feels sad in many ways. How Oliver handles it is decent, but something feels rather empty about it.

The last two episodes have done so much more exploring characters and adding depth to them all. This episode really shifts that and what little it does in that department falls short, especially since what’s come before so recently has been so good. The episode to has little that stands out as memorable.

This season has been a bit up and down and I have no idea what to expect as this season wraps up in the final two episodes. There’s clearly more to be explored when it comes to Chase and when all said is done, those last two episodes will probably be what this season is measured by. This episode wasn’t necessarily bad and as part of the whole is fine, but we’ve seen so much better and seen it so recently.

Overall rating: 7.0