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Renato Jones: Season Two Gets a “Wealth Care” Ad Campaign

International graphic novelist, film director, and humanitarian to the elite Kaare Kyle Andrews is celebrating the super rich with Renato Jones: Season Two, the only series about a hero targeting the super rich, and an ad campaign to promote the new arc’s Wealth Care storyline.

Never has there been a more exciting time to be super rich. With a billionaire president and his cabinet of billionaires and millionaires, finally we can target the needs of the elite. No longer dragged down by the poor, the sick, and the pre-conditioned, as the $600 billion dollars in tax cuts generated by the proposed changes in health care have shown us—Health Care is Wealth Care.

Renato Jones: Season Two, Part One: Freelancer promises a complete luxury experience from beginning to bloody end.

Renato Jones: Season Two #1 (Diamond Code MAR170714), Renato Jones: Season Two #1 Cover B SPAWN (Diamond Code FEB178668) and Renato Jones: Season Two #1 Cover C Spawn B&W (Diamond Code FEB178994) are available on Wednesday, May 10th.