TV Review: Arrow S5E19 Dangerous Liaisons

arrowOliver, Team Arrow, ARGUS, and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase; Felicity needs to deliver something illegal that will entice Helix to go after Chase.

Arrow is an interesting one as it focuses on the chase for Chase and Felicity makes a choice to go her route to find the wanted individual. That involves working with Helix to free one of their comrades in exchange for some help to find Chase.

While the plot is ok, the episode is much better than it seems at first glance and that’s primarily due to the points made by Felicity when confronted by Oliver concerning what she’s about to do. Her actions put her on the opposite side of Team Arrow and as she points out, why is it ok for only Oliver to do everything necessary to win the day? Why can’t other members? It’s a solid defense and points out Oliver is often a hypocrite in his battle and takes a do as I say, not as I do attitude. It’s solid for someone to call him on his shit.

The other part of the episode that makes this a solid one involves Rene and Quentin calling him out for not seeing his kid. There’s some solid back and forth and real heart in their discussions. It also answers some questions about Rene that have been lingering and also shows off how solid of a character he is. This bit of the episode grounds it a lot and also is some of the most solid writing of the season. It’s simple, but the focus on the characters is something we don’t see enough of.

I’ve been up and down as far as this season, but this episode is easily one of the strongest. Through the there’s a real focus on the characters adding depth to each in their own way and there’s lots I’m leaving out so I don’t spoil anything. A solid hour that gave us action and heart.

Overall rating: 8.15