Review: All-New X-Men #19

5763406-anxmen2015019_dc11_lr-0Together at last! In the aftermath of the X-Men’s war with the Inhumans, the original five X-Men are reunited once more…but will they walk into an uncertain future together or apart?

Dennis Hopeless gives a final issue that definitely isn’t goodbye, as we know the original five members will be starring in their new book X-Men Blue, but rather a “see you soon” issue that, to be honest, feels a little rushed and leaves things rather shaky for the team.

It’s by no means a dark, down issue though. It’s nice to see the original five back together again and talking about their future, and Idie and Evan dropping some ideas on where we might see them next. The issue may have gotten a little corny at the end, but overall it definitely kept up the fun feel that this book has had from the start.

Paco Diaz does a fine enough job on the art in this issue. The characters are front and center and the action moves fluidly. In a couple panels, the faces looked a little strange, but that’s just me really getting picky.

Overall, this is a good issue that sets this team forward into their unknown future. And given what unfolds, they truly have no idea what lies ahead of them. The big revelation had me scratching my head and made me go back and read it a couple of times, but is also got me really interested to keep following this team and see how things play out in the forthcoming X-Men Blue.

Story: Dennis Hopeless  Art: Paco Diaz
Story: 6.5  Art: 7.5  Overall: 7  Recommendation: Read

Marvel Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE issue for review