Hero Within Launches Wonder Woman Men’s Jacket, Brings out the Haters

A few days ago, clothing company Hero Within launched their summer collection and one item in particular got folks talking… in the usual misogynistic walled off stereotypical fanboy sort of way, the Wonder Woman Denim Jacket. With a live action film coming down the road it makes sense for anything clothing line focused on superhero inspired clothing to include pieces inspired by or featuring Wonder Woman for individuals of any gender. The haters saw it different.

“Why is a man wearing it?”

“That’s gay… shouldn’t that be a woman modeling that… and be for women???”

“You’ll probably get bullied for wearing this.”

“It’s not a subtle logo it’s across the whole back of it I’m sorry but I can’t say that this is for men it is a Wonder Woman jacket you should have just went with a female model it’s just the way Society is and on one side of it it has nothing to do with you being masculine or not whether you want to wear it it feels like you’re trying to push this upon someone like if you don’t you’re wrong or sexist get out of here”

That’s a small collection of some of the brilliance responding to what is a cool design. The logo is subtlely worked into the stitching, a unique aspect if you ask me (It being a denim jack it is another thing. Lived through that once.)

What’s baffling was even the concept of this being a jacket FOR MEN seemed to be lost on many of them (see comments on how the model should be a woman) as if men couldn’t also be fans of Wonder Woman (who is a diplomat, bad-ass warrior, and tied into all sorts of mythology, what’s not to like?).

Tony B. Kim, the CEO of Hero Within, took to the company’s blog to call out the haters and keeps it simple in that fashion is a way to show support for your fandom and there’s no reason guys can’t wear clothing with Wonder Woman on it.

But, this is the latest example of the gatekeeping and backwords thinking that pervades geekdom (and businesses in general. Read Kim’s post for that). There’s no reason why a guy can’t wear anything with Wonder Woman or WW logo on it, just like there’s nothing wrong for a woman to wear something featuring Superman or Batman. If you’re a fan, wear your fandom proudly… I’ll just judge you if it’s a jean jacket.

The Wonder Woman Denim jackit normally $129 is on pre-order for $109.

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