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TV Review: Legion S1E8 Chapter 8

legionLegion, based on the Marvel character created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, dives into the action as David Haller (played by Dan Stevens) faces his biggest challenge yet.

This season finale delivers in so many ways and one of those ways is that it completely shreds what I’d expect from a season finale of a show. This final episode feels like it’s more of a bridge into the second season than it wraps up this season and that’s partially because so much of the episode is focused on reveals.

There’s so many unanswered questions this season and a lot of that revolves around the mysterious rival organization that’s also been out to get David and here we get some answers in a way… With The Interrogator captured we not only find out how he survived from being burned but also the point of the organization and their motivation is pretty basic in reality, mutants are threats. To see how David and his crew deal with it all is interesting and not expected. I fully thought this would be the clash in the second season and maybe it’ll be?

Dan Stevens stars as David Haller in Legion

I ask that as a question because the episode leaves that opening in so many ways. The Shadow King is dealt with, but the results aren’t what are expected at all and instead things are left out there for us to imagine until the next season. It isn’t wrapped up, in fact things are to be continued.

It’s almost this shorten season learned lessons from the first season of The Walking Dead and with an early second season it knows its fate and can do exactly this. Plus… a teaser at the end after the credits!? This season left literally nothing at all resolved. It’s more of a prologue to the full second.

The visuals are still here in this final episode, though they’re not quite as good as previous episodes. Small hints aren’t quite as present and trippy design is muted in some way. Where things are done really well is Lenny as she struggles within David’s mind. Still, the style in costumes, sets, and just the general direction of the show is worlds above much of the rest of television. Awards season, take notice.

Legion caps off an amazing first season with a finale that delivers by not resolving things! This is a cliffhanger of a season done right and even though it has gone that route it also is full of reveals of a lot of unanswered questions. Legion in eight short episodes has made the case for being the best comic television show on the air, but also one of the best shows on television.

Overall Rating: 9.65

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