Review: Gamora #4

Laura Perlman serves up peak Gamora in the latest issue of her namesake comic. Things come to a head in this issue of the arc, we are treated to all manner of chaos and action as the Ubilex gets more and more unstable with interactions and the environment itself. Gamora finds a family of sorts and the princess finds her own way but, as expected nothing is as it seems. Perlman goes deep into Gamora’s back story, explores her motivations and, weaves an amazing tale of not only Gamora but all of the main characters occupying her storyline.

If the story itself wasn’t enough to get you hooked, Marco Checcetto delivers some beautiful artwork that is stylized and pop art like, which goes well with the futuristic, otherworldly story that Perlman is telling. Andres Mossa gives Checcetto’s artwork the perfect color palette to convey the bleakness of the Ubilex’s fate and the dire straits of the people inhabiting the planet. The lines are solid and the muted colors add a richness that syncs up well with the sad story being told.

Perlman gives Gamora agency and puts her front and center in her story, showing her weakness & strength and, the way that she interacts with those around her. The story showcases how everything is connected and how every decision has consequences. There are no wasted words or panels and you can foresee the path that is coming through all of the chaos and you find yourself waiting with baited breath to see how it all shakes out. The arc is getting close to reaching its completion and you can see that the moments that will define the hero that Gamora will become are coming.

Overall, Gamora #4 is a solid character story but, it’s not all exposition and character development. There’s a whole lot of action going on and, a sense of realness and urgency. All of the central characters that have appeared in the previous 3 issues make an appearance, alliances are made and destroyed and, there’s a very strong reason to check out the next issue. Perlman tells a compelling story filled with genuine nuance and feeling causing any reader, fan or newcomer to the series, to get caught up in the balanced chaos. The looming destruction of Ubilex provides the perfect parallel and backdrop to the story being told and everything comes together with perfect symmetry making this issue more than worth a read.

Story: Laura Perlman Art: Marco Checcetto Color: Andres Mossa
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.2 Overall: 9.1 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review