Preview: Over The Garden Wall, Vol. 1 SC

Over The Garden Wall, Vol. 1 SC

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Jim Campbell & Amalia Levari
Artists: Jim Campbell & Cara McGee
Cover Artist: Jim Campbell
Price: $14.99

Based on the hit Cartoon Network miniseries created by Pat McHale, brand-new adventures await Greg and Jason Funderburker as they explore the uncharted depths of the Unknown, and pick up a few unusual friends along the way.

On the other side of the forest, the Woodsman’s daughter, Anna, begins her own journey and quickly learns what it takes to survive on her own, especially once she’s confronted by the Beast.

Collects issues #1-4 of the Eisner Award-winning, ongoing series.

Jim Campbell returns to write and illustrate Greg’s latest travels through the Unknown, and Anna’s story is brought to life by show co-writer Amalia Levari and artist Cara McGee.


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