TV Review: The Flash S3E16 Into the Speed Force

The Flash Season 2Desperate to stop Savitar and save his friends, Barry turns to the speed force for answers; H.R. gives Jesse some advice.

The Flash dives deep into the Speed Force as Barry decides he has to go save Wally and Jesse decides she wants to confront Savitar. It’s an interesting episode that goes deep into the mythos of the Speed Force as Barry explores it all and some interesting “fun” is put before us during the rescue mission.

It’s interesting in that the episode really explores the Speed Force and what it’s like inside. That’s something that’s been touched upon before but this feels like something new. What’s particularly interesting is that it’s all to teach Barry a lesson, which feels like that’s the point of a lot of things that happens. If it’s not Team Flash fighting a villain, it’s something to teach Barry a lesson. That’s the big focus here too. It’s to give him a push and put him on the path to eventually face Savitar, something we know is the big build of the season.

And if that’s not obvious then Jesse’s part of it all leads us to that point too. She decides it’s her turn to protect the city and confronts Savitar herself. This mainly leads to a revelation about the villain, the big point to all of that. It’s an interesting battle and gives Jesse some strength stepping up. That’s also emphasized in a statement of hers about fighting other villains. She’s experienced, we just haven’t seen it.

This is a bridge episode as I’d describe it. It doesn’t stand on its own a whole lot, instead propelling a lot of plot points forward and adding some depth. It’s the episode where details that couldn’t be added to other episodes are fit in. It’s not bad, it’s just not great either. The Speed Force moments are interesting, but at their heart it’s something we’ve seen elsewhere. The fight with Savitar didn’t feel all that special either.

The episode gets us from point A to point C, but it being point B, it’s not all that exciting.

Overall Rating: 7.00

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