Entertainment Earth Exclusive Wonder Woman Movie Diana Prince Pop! Vinyl Figure

Wonder. Power. Courage.

2017’s Wonder Woman in disguise!

Exclusive Diana Prince outfit!

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! She’s no ordinary secretary! From 2017’s Wonder Woman, actress Gal Gadot picks up the mantle of Amazonian Princess. This exclusive Wonder Woman Movie Diana Prince Pop! Vinyl Figure features Diana Prince wearing her civilian disguise. She comes armed with a removable shield, just in case the day needs saving! Measuring about 3 3/4-inches tall, the Wonder Woman Movie Diana Prince Pop! Vinyl Figure comes packaged in a window display box. Don’t miss it!

This is a new, full-body mold/sculpt, completely distinguishable as different from any of the other Wonder Woman Pop! Vinyls being released at this time. She is wearing the gray coat and dark hat of Diana Prince as seen at about minute 1:18 of this trailer. In the scene, she stops a bullet with her vambraces. Similarly, in this Pop! Vinyl, Wonder Woman’s silver and gold vambraces can been seen at her wrists, extending beyond her coat sleeves, a nice subtle detail indicating her true identity. While there have been many Wonder Woman Pop! Vinyls, this is the ONLY Diana Prince Pop! Vinyl that has ever been made. And it has a cool, rare feature for Pop! Vinyls—her shield is removable! Starting at about minute 2:08 of this trailer, you can see her in this outfit with her shield.

Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman will be in 2 movies this year – the Wonder Woman movie opening June 2 AND The Justice League Movie opening November 2.

The item should be arriving just in the nick of time to be in stock for the movie’s release in June. You can get it for $12.99.