TV Review: Legion S1E5 Chapter 5

legionLegion, based on the Marvel character created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, dives into the action as David Haller (played by Dan Stevens) decides to take action to save his sister. That leads to a series of events and revelations that I can only really describe as spiraling.

As emphasized again in this episode, David isn’t schizophrenic in the traditional sense, so what’s going on here? We find some of that out as David goes rogue to save his sister.

That leads to his new friends to follow him and in doing so they discover some of what’s been plaguing David including the man with the yellow eyes and Lenny who has gone off the rails herself taking charge in a bunch of ways.

Dan Stevens stars as David Haller in Legion

This episode is an interesting one in that the first half is pretty standard with the hero going to save someone and doing it on his own. It’s not until we see the damage he’s done in doing so that we get a sense of how powerful he is and that’s also the case with his new friends. Their coming upon the carnage is an eye opener.

And that carnage is amazing. Again playing with visuals we see soldiers fused in the ground and ripped apart from reality and through a very neat visual trick we also get to see the man with the yellow eyes in action. It again emphasizes how impressive the visuals of the series are and that this is a whole other level of show (and challenges the X-Men movies in what they’ve presented).

The episode also finally gives us some hints as to what’s really going on with David. Is it something more than what we’ve been lead to believe? The end of the episode really challenges the viewer and lead me to utter “what the hell is going on” multiple times and that’s not a bad thing. The series has slowly explained what’s going on and I’m sure what we’ve witnessed here and that ending will be better explained in future episodes.

The visuals of the series continue to be stunning and the best thing about it. That says a lot, since the story is so solid and getting better with every episode. This is a show you need to watch and watch intently as many of the hints and plot points are driven not by the dialogue, but by the visual clues that are thrown on the screen in quick flashes. The series begs to be watched multiple times to catalog all of the quick flashes and coloring to decipher what it all means.

Legion continues to get better and better with each episode and with each layer added and new reveal we’re forced to go back and think through what we’ve witnessed. An absolutely fantastic series that begs for multiple viewings.

Overall Rating: 9.45