Review: All-New Wolverine #18

5726464-0+anwolv2015018_dc11_lr-0With her allies at her back, Wolverine will face off against her oldest enemy…one last time. It’s Laura versus Kimura, and only one will walk away.

Tom Taylor brings to a close the “Enemy of the State II” storyline and we see Wolverine close a very dark and brutal chapter of her life.  I wish I could say this was a satisfying ending to this story arc, but unfortunately, it fell rather flat with me. The issue felt rushed, like it was just trying to end this already, which is what I was admittedly thinking as I read it.  There are a couple of good moments where you can really feel for Laura and her struggles to finally put an end to the darker aspects of her life, but for me at least, it wasn’t enough to make this the closing I was hoping for.

Nik Virella‘s art in this issue is alright, though some if the faces and body proportions are really off in some panels which just makes the characters look weird.  But Wolverine is depicted well in the more emotional scenes that really make you feel for her situation, as mentioned above.  Her emotions are clearly displayed and it helps this story plod along.

Overall, this was just an okay issue. Yeah, we got the showdown between Laura and Kimura and I was happy to see that all play out, but the issue just lacked any real punch. It felt like it was just slogging along to the ending I’m sure everyone saw coming. I really hope the next arc takes Wolverine in a more exciting direction as I am a big fan of Laura taking up the mantle and I’m not ready to write this title off.

Story: Tom Taylor Art: Nik Virella
Story: 5.0 Art: 5.0 Overall: 5.0 Recommendation: If you’re a fan of the character, read.

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