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Why Wasn’t The Walking Dead #163 February’s Best Selling Comic?

On Friday we reported Diamond Comic Distributor‘s initial release about February’s top selling comics. The stats saw Image Comics see a massive bump in unit share during the month built off of the back of The Walking Dead #163 which was sold for just 25 cents. The issue sold over 750,000 copies but wasn’t the top selling comic of the month. That honor went to Star Wars: Darth Maul #1. But, why was that the case? I asked Diamond for clarification as to the reason for this.

There’s nothing nefarious about this anomaly. According to Diamond:

The way the charts are formatted with comics that are promotionally priced below $1.00 is that they do not count on our top charts, but their retail dollar and unit sales do count toward the publisher’s overall market share numbers.

The more you know!the-walking-dead-163

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