TV Review: Legion S1E4 Chapter 4

legionLegion, based on the Marvel character created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, continues its exploration of the main character David Haller (played by Dan Stevens) in an episode that finds David in trouble and his friends searching for answers to his past.

This episode is a departure from the past few in that while it deals with David’s memories, the focus is really about figuring out what exactly is the truth. The reason? David is in a coma of sorts. We find out it’s the Astral Plane. For fans of X-Men comics, this is an awesome addition opening up a hell of a future for the show.

Part of the episode follows David as he falls deeper into the Astral Plane and learns what’s going on. It’s visually fantastic as expected and introduces a classic X-Men setting to the television series which has teased “X”s all over, but hasn’t been overt about its comic connection. But, what’s interesting is David meets an individual while there. How’d he get there? Who is he? The episode lays out the dots about some of these answers, but not all. It’s a subtle payoff of a character who has only been mentioned so far.

Dan Stevens stars as David Haller in Legion

The bigger part of the episode is the search for David’s past and figuring out the reality. This is the most straightforward aspect of the series we’ve seen so far, but even that takes us down a rabbit hole in many ways as we spiral trying to figure out what we can trust and what we can’t.

And that’s part of what’s amazing in this episode. The reveals that we’re presented with make us the viewers completely question what we’ve learned so far in the series. It’s not a question of what is real, it’s a question of who is real? What is reality? Like a solid show of this type, we the viewer now have to go through and see what the hints are. Are there visuals? And speaking of…

The visuals of the series continue to be stunning and the best thing about it. That says a lot, since the story is so solid and getting better with every episode. This is a show you need to watch and watch intently as many of the hints and plot points are driven not by the dialogue, but by the visual clues that are thrown on the screen in quick flashes. The series begs to be watched multiple times to catalog all of the quick flashes and coloring to decipher what it all means.

Legion continues to get better and better with each episode and with each layer added and new reveal we’re forced to go back and think through what we’ve witnessed. An absolutely fantastic series that begs for multiple viewings.

Overall Rating: 9.35

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