Review: Angel City #2

angelcity-2-marketing_preview-1Frances Faye and Dolores Dare were best friends, once upon a time; small town girls with cardboard suitcases and dreams of Hollywood stardom. But that was the past. Now, Frances has been murdered, and the crooked Los Angeles cops don’t care enough to solve the crime. Dolores hunts for the murderer everywhere, from high-end studio lots to seedy gambling dens. But as she gets closer to unraveling the mystery, she also nears a betrayal that hits close to home.

In Angel City #2, writer Janet Harvey brings in a lot of Dolores’ backstory. The issues explains how Frances and Dolores met in a Depression era boarding house which adds a lot of depth to the series. It does a solid job showing why the two of them grew to be friends with dreams of Hollywood. The present contrasts this some by showing off Doleres’ attempt at deception to get the answers she wants. It’s an interesting switch from the wide eyed character we see dreaming of stars.

The black and white color choice used to depict flashbacks works really well for this series. It manages to contrast well with the more colorful present. I won’t spoil the odd standout scene in this issue but, it does do a good job of merging both the past and present. It shows off some of the acrobatic skills Doleres’ learned in her when she was in the circus. Artist Megan Levens delivers with the art mixing fun action with a noir story.

Story: Janet Harvey Art: Megan Levens
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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