Hasbro Reveals the Next Transformer to Wield the Matrix of Leadership

optimus-primalEarlier this month Hasbro gave fans a chance to vote who the next Transformer to wield the Matrix of Leadership would be. Fans got a chance to vote for Ultra Magnus, Star Saber, Deathasaurus, and Optimus Primal.

The voting was multi-step with fans first choosing the leader of three factions, Chaos, Order, and Honor, and then it was narrowed down to three candidates and one wildcard.

At Toy Fair, Hasbro announced the winner, Optimus Primal.

With this version of Optimus Primal he’s a warlord who dreams of a Cybertron ruled by beasts. In 2018 we’ll see Primal assume the Matrix of Leadership when the “Power of the Primes” story kicks into gear.

Primal was the protagonist leader of the Maximals in the Beast Wars television series. He’s received a few different toy versions and has appeared in comics as well as television series.

It’s unknown exactly how this will impact the current IDW Publishing Transformers series, but toys released often are related to comics being published.