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Review: Night’s Dominion #6


As the demigod Grael emerges from legend to fight Uhlume’s army, Emerane enters their stronghold to find the source of their power. Aided by the Umber Knight and the Magus, she fights through to the tower’s icy heart in search of the necromancer whose magic commands the undead soldiers. But even as the city is overwhelmed, as the Asp falls to arrows, and the Acolyte prays to gods that may have never been there to listen, it’s Emerane herself who faces the most devastating horror. For the bloodthirsty necromancer behind it all may be the one person in the world she can’t bring herself to fight.

Night’s Dominion #6 features an action packed ending for the first story arc of this series. The mysterious old man freed from the debtor’s prison finally gets a name, a name from myth and song, of heroes long since past as our heroes realise who he is. Yet, the identity of the necromancer who is behind all of this is someone who was mentioned before just not seen. Who it is will surprise is you, and you’ll want to go back and check things out.

Like the previous issues, the art is solid by Ted Naifeh (who also is writing the series). Naifeh brings in a lot of contrast between the city of the tower of Uhlume, and the conflict going on in the city. The action scenes have a nice flow and make this a quick read.

Story: Ted Naifeh Art: Ted Naifeh
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review