Review: Gamora #3

This issue picks up where the last one left off, our favorite anti-heroine at the mercy of a doomsday cult on Ubilex contemplating the ways in which she could die. An earthquake and her cultural captor’s unwillingness to accept that nature trumps their space god gives Gamora the chance she needs to destroy them all and free her fellow captive. Meanwhile the last Badoon heir is actually lamenting Gamora because she thinks she can save her and their destinies are tied. The remaining Badoon higher-ups watch Crystal’s conversation with Klaxon and discuss her ability to bear a male heir to rule and, Klaxon strikes a final deal with the Badoons to turn Crystal over in exchange for all the space dust he can carry. Meanwhile, Gamora is using her new friend to find the princess and learns that she’s actually a good kid and that their destinies are tied.

Without going too deep into spoiler territory the story keeps going along the diamond in the rough road and it’s wonderful. This issue unfolds in the best way possible Gamora discovers things about herself and her intended victim that could change her life. Nicole Perlman writes a truly human story full of emotion and rage, the path of both women is set in stone and steeped in their own agency. There is a purpose and focus for them that in its own way passes the Bechdel test with flying colors. Perlman tells a story of family through blood or belonging and it’s beautiful, human and relatable.

Marco Checcetto serves up beautiful artwork that brings Perlman’s story to life. It provides a storyboard like backdrop to an already brilliant story allowing the reader to get caught up in the story itself. His art is like an added character between the facial expressions and the fine details it impossible to look away and his talent makes it so that you could tell what’s going on by just looking at the pictures.

Overall this issue is a hit and like the issues that proceed it, it works well as a stand-alone. The Gamora series seems to make a point of engaging its readers from cover to cover. The creative crew behind it are adept at telling such a compelling story that you can pick up any issue and jump right in, although you will want to read the issues that precede this one if only to hold you over until #4 comes out.

Story: Nicole Perlman Art: Marco Checcetto
Story: 9.1 Art: 9.1 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel comics provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review