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TV Review: Legion S1E2 Chapter 2

legionLegion, based on the Marvel character created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, continues its exploration of the main character David Haller (played by Dan Stevens) in an episode that gives us a lot, but never lays things out simply.

Reflecting on his past with the help of his new friends, David is forced to experience moments in his life as the episode’s stunning visuals continue to give the best idea as to what is exactly going on.

David may be schizophrenic or it might all be due to his mutant powers, we’re not quite sure exactly.

This episode is a bit straight forward compared to the debut with the set up of a war and two rival factions who are trying to use mutants for good, bad, or to exterminate them. That’s about as clear as things get.

Dan Stevens stars as David Haller in Legion

Much of the episode bounces around David’s past as we get to see various stages of his life and where he was at the time in either his mental breakdown or manifestation of is power. With the help of another mutant he watches the experiences as though he’s there. But is he impacting them? With hints of the power of time, matter, telepathic, telekinetic, the world is open for what he’s accomplishing. And for fans of the X-Men comic series and who know the character, you know this is par for the course. Legion, David, is the most powerful mutant to ever exist and can do near anything.

The visuals of the series continue to be stunning and the best thing about it. This is a show you need to watch and watch intently as many of the hints and plot points are driven not my the dialogue, but by the visual clues that are thrown on the screen in quick flashes. The series begs to be watched multiple times to catalog all of the quick flashes and coloring to decipher what it all means.

Legion continues to build and shows the “X” world can be presented with a more adult focus without all of the spandex. Mutants are the next leap forward in humanity and Legion is the next leap forward in the world of live action X-men.

Overall Rating: 9.15

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