Review: Suicide Squad #11

ssquad_cv11_dsThe hunt for Rustam is still on and popping and Amanda Waller the Queen B of the DC universe intelligence world is taking no prisoners in her search after he made contact with her kids. The team’s mission to find the Annihilation Brigade leads them to a dead end in Tibet leading them to believe there is a mole in the squad. Recent events have Harcourt running the Task Force X while Waller is on leave after the chaos of the Maxwell Lord/Justice League showdown and the squad isn’t liking the change in command. And, before “Episode One” is over there’s one hell of a breakout at Belle Reve.

“Life Outside,” the second part of this two-part issue has Harcourt banishing Waller from mission control after she attempts to have a chat with Zod. The Squad is having a good ole time in NOLA after Harcourt grants them a night off. Boomerang is getting his party on while Harley’s attempt at getting her bad for mojo on is disrupted by Flag. Deadshot enjoys some time with his daughter I’m a heart to heart that might just break yours. And, this issue really does end with a bang that will be heard throughout the DC universe and has anyone reading this epic issue stopped dead in their tracks waiting the long two weeks in between issues to find out what happens next.

Rob Williams writing is equal parts brilliant and dread-inducing in the best possible way. Every word and caption seems well thought out and aware of the levity of the ultra dark turn the series has taken. There’s gravity in his words and he brings it to the characters words and actions, they seem to add purpose and life to the characters motivations and desires. We get two great intertwined stories and it provides a perfect turning point from light and fun carnage to some serious life-shattering reveals and the requisite Suicide Squad mayhem.

The art choices that John Romita Jr. uses in “Episode One” give the team an all new, harsher look. Even Harley gets the amped up steroid induced treatment. It’s a bit jarring but, considering the dark overtone of the events in that part of the issue it makes sense. Eddy Barrows takes over the reigns for the second story in this issue, “Life Outside” is toned down and more in line with what we are used to seeing. The two styles complement each other and in both stories, the artwork adds to the story and becomes an extra character on its own.

Overall this was a well thought out and brilliantly executed issue and it was understandable and relatable to a point that if this was your first run in with the Squad you’d be on board to tune in for future issues. It has a solid start for both new arcs and both parts end in a way that make you want to read more.

Story: Rob Williams Art: Episode One- John Romita Jr. Life Outside – Eddy Barrows
Story: 9.7 Art: 8.7 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review