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Review: Faith #8

faith-8-coverFrom Hollywood’s darkest shadows, an old enemy rises to extract revenge on Faith! A superhero’s work is never done…and, now, one of Faith’s former adversaries has returned for a fateful rematch that will put the life of Los Angeles’ greatest hero into a tailspin. And when this familiar assailant finally shows their true face, will the high flying psiot have the strength to put them down for good?

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Faith is one of the series that I’m always excited to read every month. Jody Houser is able to tell a compelling story that is easy to read for folks who, much like a friend of mine that I turned onto the series, really haven’t read any Valiant comics before. A large part of that are the shorter stories we’ve been seeing of late since the launch of the ongoing series (I was going to say the first arc, but then I remembered the first arc was only three issues) that give new readers an easily digestible gateway into the world of Valiant‘s high-flying hero, often with a different artist joining the team. Case in point is the two-part story that concludes this issue with art by the talented Joe Eisma.

We also have Marguerite Sauvage providing the fantasy sequences to the comic again, which lends an air of consistency across the different artists to have contributed to the series as we get to explore Faith’s daydreams, dreams or nightmares that occur a couple of times each issue.

Typically, the differing styles between Sauvage and the other artist allow a reader to easily differentiate between what’s actually happening and the fantasy sequences, but that’s not quite been the case over the last two issues; through no fault to his artistic ability, Eisma‘s work blends a little too well with Sauvage‘s sequences. You can still make out the difference between the two artists’ work, but just not as easily as with some of the earlier issues. If that sounds like a nitpick, then I’ll hold my hands up, because it absolutely is.

Although there are moments where the dialogue feels just right,  Faith #8 isn’t the strongest of issues in the series. The plot has Faith dealing with her inner demons and doing a little ghost-busting, but the potential hinted at from the first part of this story is never quite realized. A shame, really, but when a comic has been as consistently excellent as Faith has been then the occasional stumble can be overlooked once in a while.

Now, despite me having just spent the better part of the review picking holes in the comic, if you’re already reading the series then you’ll want to read this issue because it does lay some groundwork for the future, and despite my hang-ups it’s not as bad as I’ve probably made it sound – I don’t regret buying the issue at all.

Here’s hoping we’re back on track with the next issue.

Story: Jody Houser Art: Joe Eisma Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse
Fantasy Sequence: Marguerite Sauvage
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.75 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Read

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