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Review: Moon Knight #11

moon_knight__11Much like how I felt about The Vision by Tom King near the end of its run, it saddens me to know that we are almost at the end of another fantastic series at Marvel. Moon Knight #11 gives us another glimpse inside the mind and world of Marc Spector.This is a man who could be insane, but that is what makes this series so good. You do not know if Marc Spector is truly insane or not. Sure, some of the things that happen throughout the series are very hard to believe within our reality, but the book never quite lets you know what is going on. Sometimes that can be frustrating in any form of storytelling medium, but with this book, it only adds to the intriguing plot and adventures Jeff Lemire has laid out for the hero that has so long been referred to as Marvel’s Batman. Not only has this comic doubled down on distancing itself further from that notion, it adds to the lore that Warren Ellis built in his run, flips that on its head, and gives us even another layer of craziness. We see characters from past Moon Knight runs in different forms, and it is a lot of fun.

This issue sees both Marc and Moon Knight, but in different times. We see Marc reflecting on the death of his father back in Illinois, and Moon Knight fighting to save his friend Crawley’s soul, oh and riding a giant flying insect and fighting Egyptians somewhere elsewhere and elsewhen as Lemire puts it. Marc is also seen in the marines serving his second tour in Iraq when his fellow soldiers find him staring at the moon and walking through the desert naked. Once again, Marc sees his reality get very weird as he hears voices calling to him and sees his commanding officer morph into something or someone else that we’ve seen in the series before. It is hard to say if Marc is imagining these things, or if there’s something bigger at play, but it is definitely interesting. We also see the wife of Anubis, Marc being captured by the Egyptian guards, him fighting in a fight club, and more. This book is off the rails, and once again we have an issue where I cannot tell you what is going on, but I still enjoyed it.

The art by Greg Smallwood is as fantastic as always. It has a really cool sketch pencil look to it that fits the chaos of the book. One of the things Smallwood truly shines at is facial expressions. Throughout the series you will see Marc shocked, sad, angry, and more and the art conveys that well. Jordie Bellaire also does an admirable job on colors, which should come as no shock. The Egyptian scenes use mostly gold, green, and purple to fill out pyramids, insects, warriors, and the star filled sky and it is beautiful. The panel work by Smallwood allows the colors to pop on the white background as the layout of the pages are used quite creatively. This book has always shined on art, and issue #11 is no different.

I cannot tell you that you will love this book, but I can tell you that I love this book. I know that lot of this story hinges on the ending delivering. I will continue to read it and appreciate these few final issues and hope we get something concrete to what is really going on, but either way I have enjoyed the ride. It isn’t often creators get to end a book on a certain number with a complete enclosed story, so I tip my hat to Lemire, Smallwood, and Bellaire that they will be able to do that with this series. Marc Spector, Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, whoever you are, I hope you find peace at the end of this tale because it has been quite a fun journey losing my mind with Moon Knight.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Greg Smallwood Color: Jordie Bellaire
Story: 8 Art: 9 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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