Review: Bullseye #1

bullseye__1Bullseye #1 finds one of our favorite bad guy assassins presumed dead and free from a SHIELD prison with a little help from The Hand, taking out a house full of Feds to get to an accountant turned snitch. Bullseye’s more than a little restless from trying to keep a low profile and his shady AF booking agent has some pretty unscrupulous assignments up for grabs to keep him occupied and covered in blood.

We get treated to two stories for the price of one. Both of them are to be continued in second issue and both storylines are thought out and intriguing enough to stand on their own, even with their briefness.

The first part of this two-fer issue has Bullseye on a search for maximum carnage and money leading him on a mission to Columbia to rescue the leader of a cartel head’s kid from an even more dangerous sadistic mobster. There’s more going on in the first half but you’ll have to read it to find out and yes, it is worth buying. “The Columbian Connection Part 1 is written with all the gritty old school Marvel style that made you love the dark side of Marvel to begin with. Writer Ed Brisson gives selfishness, realness and swag that we’ve grown to love on this underrated character. He writes him as a cocky, brash, sadistic bad ass and gives him a foe that’s just as equal. Guillermo Sanna gives the first story in this issue that old school Marvel flare we crave. His art has the same style that we fell in love with when we started reading back in day where NYC was a scary place and good and evil both lurked in the shadows. The nostalgia was on point and Morgan manages to give the pages hixbisn flare.

The second half of the issue, “If I Tell You… finds Bullseye at the tail end of the hunt for some stolen and erased data , while being chased by goons who want it back for their boss. The Marv Wolfman story is short, “sweet” and to the point. It’s a nice little side story that complements the main one and gives the readers a nice little bit of character nuances that will get even the newest Bullseye reader a decent primer (Which is pretty damn dope considering Wolfman is one of Bullseye’s original co-creators). Alec Morgan manages to convey the same nostalgic, old school 80s vibe that the first story gave us but, he adds some sleek modern touches to it. The difference is nice and not too jarring especially sine even there is a nice little ad to separate the stories giving your eyes a second to adjust.

Overall this issue as a whole was a solid read. The stories match up nicely and seem to complement each other. The two separate storylines also seem like if at some point they wanted to combine the two stories into one story, it would work well and it’s quite feasible that the storylines could interconnect. The first issue of Bullseye gave us two really good stand alone stories that prove that Bullseye doesn’t need the Devil of Hells Kitchen to be interesting or relevant.

Story: Marv Wolfman & Ed Brisson Art: Guillermo Sanna & Alec Morgan
The Columbian Connection Part 1 Story: 8.9 Art: 8.7 Overall: 8.8
If I Tell You … Story: 8.8 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8
Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review