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TV Review: The Flash S3E11 Dead or Alive

The Flash Season 2H.R.’s past catches up with him when a bounty hunter comes to Central City to bring him back to Earth-19 to stand trial for his crime.

The Flash is an interesting one introducing a new villain and concept, a bounty hunter to grab H.R. It plays with the concept of multiple Earth’s but, there’s enough plot holes that cause some issues with the overall story. In other words, it’s fun as long as you don’t think too much about it.

Gypsy is the new obstacle to good and she’s around to enforce the rules of H.R. and her’s world. We learn more about where H.R. is from and the reasons for his coming to this new Earth.

Gypsy has similar powers to Vibe which leads to a showdown between the two, which makes the episode a lot about Vibe, but it’s Gypsy’s powers that bothers me. She can create portals at will and knows where H.R. is. Why wouldn’t you just show up, grab him, and then portal out? Wouldn’t that be easier. That issue nagged me the entire time. But, that wouldn’t give Cisco a chance to save the day.

The episode also focuses a bit on Barry attempting to change the future to save Iris. Also, an issue because there’s a villain running around!!! But, focusing on that plot point allows to set up what’s next for the series. The moments are interesting and at the end of the episode it’s clear why there’s a focus in this episode, though with a bigger issue at hand, it feels like it’s stuffed in and not needed.

The episode is just ok with enough problems that I found myself distracted. The solution too feels like something we’ve see before. It’s not bad, we’ve just seen so much better.

Overall Rating: 7.65

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