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TV Review: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S2E9 Raiders of the Lost Art

legends-of-tomorrow-season-2Damien Dahrk and Malcolm Merlyn create a big aberration as they attempt to capture Rip in 1967.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returned this past week picking up from the winter break twist where our heroes crossed paths with Rip Hunter in 1967 but is it really Rip?

Much of the episode revolves around Rip trying to remember his previous life and the team convincing him that he’s actually a time-traveling superhero. And there’s a lot of fun to that concept as the episode plays a lot with tropes, what’s happened, and winks and nods including an up and coming director named George Lucas playing a role.

Much of the episode’s enjoyment is due to actor Arthur Darvill and his acting chops. The actor does an impressive job playing the 70s stoner who doesn’t believe what’s going on. A particular scene has the actor see his stoner version getting in character as Rip only to lose it when things don’t go well. It’s a moment of comedic genius and played for hilarity.

There’s also more to the episode as Mick admits to Dr. Stein that he’s seeing his former partner and the mystery if this is some time aberration or Mick losing his mind is answered. Dominic Purcell as Mick shows a softer side to the character adding some depth with the bromance. It also provides a solid scene and arc between the two characters who are often at odds with each other.

The episode as a whole is fun mixing action with comedy delivering some twists and winks and nods that fans of comics and sci-fi will appreciate. If this is what we can expect for the rest of the season, it’s going to be a great ride.

Overall Rating: 8.05