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Review: Savage #3

savage_003_cover-a_larosaOn a mysterious island seemingly untouched by time, order is about to give way to instinct. Stranded with no hope of rescue, the Sauvage family must sacrifice the people they once were…and embrace the animals within! But as prehistoric monsters stalk them at every turn, will their newfound bestialness be enough to ensure survival, or will they be forever trapped at the bottom of the food chain? And when tragedy befalls the once close-knit family, will their last tether to humanity be severed once and for all?

When I was in my LCS this morning picking this book up (although this review is based off the PDF copy Valiant provided), the owner and I were talking about Savage and how the direction of the story was a little unclear – is it building to something that will eventually connect to the wider Valiant Universe, or is this simply a four issue story about the loss of humanity on a remote island populated with dinosaurs?

What was interesting, at least to me, is that up until this point I had never actually had a conversation with her about Valiant’s comics that didn’t end with her saying “I really need to read more Valiant, because that sounds cool.” Whether Savage,  written by B. Clay Moore with art by Clayton Henry and Lewis Larosa with colors provided by Brian Reber and Andrew Dalhouse, will tie into the greater Valiant universe at some point in the future, or whether it will remain a standalone property, remains to be seen. The story being told in this comic is on the surface very simple and straight forward, but the more we learn about the young Savage’s origin as Moore divides the comic between the past and present, the more we understand the tragedy of his present.

As tragic as the comic feels, however, it’s wonderfully eye catching with Larosa and Dalhouse the art team on the present, and Henry and Reber handling the past. The comic is as beautiful as it is brutal.

Story: B. Clay Moore Art: Clayton Henry and Lewis Larosa
Colors: Brian Reber and Andrew Dalhouse
Story: 8.5 Art: 9.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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