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Review: Ether #3

unnamed.jpgI have not been disappointed by an issue of Ether yet, and I doubt that is going to happen, especially when it’s a miniseries. The excellent storytelling by Matt Kindt is complimented by some fantastic art by David Rubin. It is a great thing when creators click like these two do. Matt Kindt is no slouch as an artist, but it is nice to see his writing paired with another artist who gives a very different style and perspective to the story. Ether marries cartoons with the psychedelic and creates something that is beautiful. There is also the hint that there is something dark to this world of faeries, screaming bullets, and magic, The credit belongs to Rubin as much as Kindt for that. It feels like the world of Ether is like a Disney movie that time forgot. It reminds me of Roger Rabbit, and it is a very cool concept for a comic book, especially one steeped in mystery, featuring a lovable and clumsy detective like Boone Dias.

The only complaint I have is that this book will soon be finished. I hope there will be a second season, or an ongoing, because this world is far too cool to leave with just five issues. I want to know more about Glum the talking primate, the technology behind the steampunk mechs, and more about Boone’s past. Heck, after this issue, I would settle for a prequel showing the mess Boone caused in the Faerie kingdom that he and Violet alluded to. What I am saying is, Ether is too good to end, but I will try to focus on the positive. We still get two more issues, and in those I expect things will ramp up, and we will learn more about Boone’s past, Hazel, and what is really happening here.  I want to see the other places on the map, like the Abandoned City of the Lost Souls, or The Enchanted Farmland, or the Monsters Sea. You get the idea, the fantastical world of the Ether is awesome, and I would love to spend more time in it.

unnamedKindt is really proving he can write almost anything at this point. Ether #3 is just more proof that there is a reason his name is attached to books from different publishers, and the list keeps growing. The comedy in Ether is sharp, and the mystery is interesting. The world is so much fun, and while we haven’t gone that far into the lore or species, it feels like there is something very deep there. I would absolutely recommend this book in single issue or trade form when the issues are collected. If you do not want to wait, see if your local comic shop has the first two issues, grab this, and then the final two as they come out. As I have said before, if you like Dr. Strange, or a fun lighthearted book with a charming and sometimes goofy hero, then this is the book for you. It’s about magic and science, but it never takes itself too seriously.

Story: Matt Kindt Art: David Rubin
Story: 9.5 Art: 10 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review