Preview: The Dregs #1

The Dregs #1

Written by: Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler
Art by: Eric Zawadzki
Colored by: Dee Cunniffe
In Stores: Jan 25, 2017

Heading your way on January 25th, Black Mask is proud to present THE DREGS, a 4-issue smart and unique horror comic book mini-series written by new voices Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson with evocative artwork by Eric Zawadzki (Last Born) and Dee Cunniffe (X’ed).

THE DREGS is a crime noir murder-mystery that takes place among the homeless in Vancouver during a period of gentrification, but in this sordid tale the gentrification is manifested as an upscale restaurant abducting homeless people to serve as a culinary feast for the most elite of foodies. It plays as a gripping horror mystery and also as an urgent metaphor, like a modern Sweeney Todd with a noir spin.