Caliber Comics in March 2017

Caliber Comics is proud to announce the release of four exciting graphic novels and a Guide to Comics Writing in Diamond’s January solicitations for delivery in March. These books are currently available to order through Diamond Previews.


Just in time for the release of Guy Ritchie’s new film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword from Warner Bros. From veteran comic writer/artist Michael Fraley comes the history of the famous and legendary character known as King Arthur. This graphic novel is faithfully based on the original adventure of Arthur as it was written by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th century. Geoffrey’s work is considered one of the most important books of the medieval period and served as the skeletal framework from which all Arthurian tales have since been based. This was the work created and written before later authors and Hollywood added their own embellishments. In Geoffrey’s written work, there was no Camelot, no round table, no holy grail, and no Knights of Chivalry. But there is Arthur and this is his tale. DIAMOND # JAN171558 $18.99.



From bestselling author Stefan Petrucha, writer on such titles as Deadpool, Captain America, X-Files, and Nancy Drew, and artist Barry Crain (Conan/Nexus/Grimjack). A Story in Three Parts, a Character in Six. Think people can be disingenuous? Of course they can and in the future they try on new personas like hats. Unfortunately, Hieronymus Jones overdoses it with the TPGs (Temporary Personality Grafts), leaving his original personality utterly destroyed. Until an experimental cure gives him not one, but six new permanent personalities. Rather than fight over territory, each inhabits a different part of his body, and soon finds they can break apart at will! There’s: Bogey, the hard-boiled right arm; Kik-li, the Kung-Fu master right leg; Jake, the self-involved torso; Buckley, the too-smart head; Don, the romantic left arm and; Tootsie, the femme fatale left leg! Together, they fight corruption and crime as the strangest superhero team ever! Strap in for one wild ride. DIAMOND # JAN171560 $12.99.



From award winning veteran comic writer Steven Philip Jones comes nine rarely seen or never-before-published heroic and horrifying comic stories. Portraying these entertaining stories is art by Christopher Jones (Batman ‘66), Dan Jurgens (Death of Superman), Octavio Cariello (The Action Bible), S. Clarke Hawbaker (Nomad), and many more! With a foreword by Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Batman, Daredevil, The Flash). “Incredibly creative…Steve’s stories are masterworks of what new comics should be: absorbing and exciting and read again and again.” – Clive Cussler, international bestselling author. “Steve lights from one genre to another without missing a beat…He’s the pro’s pro.” – Phil Hester. DIAMOND # JAN171561 $14.99



Velda is a multi-leveled representation of the more lurid of the 1950s crime comics as if it actually existed as a classic Golden Age comic. This graphic novel is more than a passing homage to the noir films and hard-boiled detective school of writing of the 1950s as it includes special features such as a Velda paper doll kit and the complete 1952 Velda pinup calendar. Also includes are vintage ads to amuse readers as well as featurettes such as “Hawkshaw Hawk, Bird Detective” and “Neolithica: Girl of the Pleistocene.” “Velda is the kind of detective I like.”- Richard S. Prather (writer, Shell Scott novels). “Hubba Hubba!” – Kevin Burton Smith, “A pulp classic! If you like your action gritty, yet full of surprises, then you’ll love Velda…”- Rick Overton (writer, Dennis Miller Show, actor). DIAMOND # JAN171562 $14.99



Discover the basics in comics writing from Steven Philip Jones, a veteran comic writer and comic writing instructor. Here is a step-by-step process of creating a comic script and how it is turned into a comic page. With examples and illustrations, if you’re any type writer and wanted to find out how to write and produce quality comic books, Comics Writing is for you. Artists include Christopher Jones (JLA/Doctor Who), Aldin Baroza (Family Guy/Sherlock Holmes), Gary Scott Beatty. DIAMOND # JAN171559 $14.99