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Russia’s Reign Endures in Divinity III: Aric, Son of the Revolution #1 – Coming in January!

Then, the event-level blockbuster of the season continues in Divinity III: Aric, Son of the Revolution #1! This January, Russia rules the New Year as the Valiant Universe continues its transformation into a Soviet-ruled super-state…one where the world’s most powerful heroes now serve and protect the Motherland from all threats to the USSR’s global Iron Empire!

On January 18th, X-O Manowar becomes the guardian of the CCCP in Aric, Son of the Revolution #1 – the next essential standalone epic torn straight from the heart of the Stalinverse! Acclaimed writer Joe Harris and powerhouse artist CAFU present a star-shattering tale of sins, secrets, and tragedy for the worldwide hero of the communist state: ARIC, SON OF THE REVOLUTION!

From bustling urban centers to the collective farms of the countryside, men, women, and children alike all idolize the same hero of the global Soviet republic: ARIC, SON OF THE REVOLUTION! Returned to Earth from the stars with the ultimate nuclear deterrent – the indestructible X-O Manowar armor – the champion of socialism has singlehandedly consolidated the state’s military and political superiority at home and abroad. But when a surprise attack from the Deadside shines an untoward light on the modern-day Soviet Union’s darkest secret, will Aric pursue his mission…or uphold justice for the quiet dead of an empire’s oppression?

Featuring covers by Clayton Crain, Ryan Diego Bernard, CAFU, Trevor Hairsine, and Kano.