Review: Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7

dark-knight-iii-7A delay hasn’t helped this series who has relied on a fast pace to really keep the reader engaged and interested. Dark Knight III: The Master Race #7 can best be described as the fallout from the battle for Gotham between the radical Kryptonians and Batman backed up by Superman and the people of Gotham.

Written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello, the issue is a muted one in many ways attempting to get at the emotional aspect of what occurred in the previous issue. Batman has fallen and Gotham is on fire. Was it all worth it? Will Batman live?

The issue is seen through a few individual’s eyes as they react to what has happened or in Superman’s case race to save his friend. While there’s some emotional punch there, no one is spent too much time with so it feels a bit short and not quite enough to really impact me as a reader. There’s a beat missing that would have put scenes over the top. And that emotional aspect is in ways co-opted with the discussion of whether it was all worth it. It’s a weird shift in focus and you can see that the most with a scene featuring Barbara Gordon who really raises the question to our heroes.

If there was less of a gap (or when this is collected in trade) it might work better read closer together, but the spacing in real world time works against the issue in some ways as the cadence just doesn’t seem to flow following up on what previously happened.

There’s also a set-up for the finale that I don’t want to give away but it’s been foreshadowed a bit. With one issue to go there feels like a lot to still resolve in one issue.

The art by Miller and Klaus Janson continues to invoke the style we’ve come to expect from the previous issues and volumes. It doesn’t shift at all and as a fan of it, I’m quite happy in that consistency. This isn’t anything groundbreaking it’s what we’ve seen before and that completely works for this story and series.

The issue isn’t bad as it sets up the finale, but it just feels like the momentum has been lost a bit due to the delays in its release. When read as a trade I’d expect my opinions to differ, but as a single issue is how I’m judging it right now. Still, it sets up the next issue in a way that I’m hoping the wait is minimum as it looks to be one action packed ending.

Story: Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello Art: Klaus Janson, Frank Miller
Story: 7 Art: 7.85 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review