Review: Alters #3

img_0057issue #3 of Alters picks up with Morph in semi-critical condition after a battle with Matter Man. Chalice, still coming into her powers, made a mistake in the last issue giving some members of the team with serious reservations about welcoming her fully into the fold. Chalice, still living as a male in day to day life, is feeling down on herself about the role she played in Morph’s condition. Her besty Darren knows something up but, is cool giving Chalice space to find the right time to come clean.

There’s a lot going on in this issue and it’s all good. The story gets pushed forward in a way that reminds you of why Alters is such a compelling series. The comic also gets bonus points for its trans representation. Chalice feels real and you get to watch her transformation into not only a women but, an alter. There’s something nice about the way Paul Jenkins portrays Chalice in both male and female roles. There is no trans angle, Chalice is just living her life trying to be who she is, it isn’t a big deal, the way it should be in real life.

The story in this issue is well written, honest, and superbly shown through Leila Leiz‘s simplistic yet detailed artwork. There is just enough information in each panel to give the reader a feeling of being swept into the story like a fly on the wall. The artwork combined with Jenkins open storytelling skills makes Alters #3 a great read and a nice continuation of not only Chalice’s story but, the world of Alters that he has created in this series.

I enjoyed reading this issue and the series itself has been solid, even though we’re only three issues in I feel for the characters and enjoy the world that has been created and the characters that live in it. There are no wasted panels or word and everything seems real and unforced. This issue was no exception to the momentum and expectations the previous two issues set up, in fact, the series seems to be getting stronger and better with each new issue.

Story: Paul Jenkins Art: Leila Leiz
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Aftershock provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review