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Review: Generation Zero #3

genzero_003_cover-a_mooneyGeneration Zero came to Rook, Michigan to investigate a strange death…and the clues have led them into the halls of an even stranger high school! But only one person knows what really happened to Keisha Sherman’s tragically deceased boyfriend: Rook High’s reigning queen bee! Now, this reformed squad of walking warheads will have to forgo their usual military tactics…and wage a psychic infiltration into the mind of Rook’s most popular teenager! But, as they experience the truth through her eyes, what even darker revelations might spill forth about a town where murder, deception, and deceit lurk behind every picket fence?

It’s not often you open a comic and ask yourself what the hell did I just pick up? When I cracked the digital spine of Generation Zero #3 I wondered if I’d missed something, because the comic seemed to have morphed into an Archie comic (and not the Mark Waid scripted relaunch of a few months ago). The artwork totally threw me for a loop or two, and while I was utterly confused on the first page, the shift is explained very quickly, and does make sense within the context of the story.

It’s a deliberately jarring move that has an immediate effect on your eye as you know that something is different about the story before you even read a word of the narrative.

I’m not typically fond of this style of art, but here’s an exception to that; without the shift, I don’t think the comic would be as strong as it is. Generation Zero #3 is an overall enjoyable comic. It’s not the best one I’ve read this week, but it’s far from the worst – the story is furthered, plot details emerge… and the issue builds upon the previous issue in the series very well. I think that once this story is collected in trade, it’s going to be a fantastic read.

Story: Fred Van Lente Art: Derek Charm
(Real world sequence: Portella and Dalhouse) 
Story: 7 Art: 7 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Read

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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