Review: Serenity: No Power in the Verse #1

serenity-1The Firefly (Serenity) Universe is one of the most interesting worlds created by Joss Whedon, as it still resonates with every fan who as watched it and seems to gain fans with every viewing. Who cannot fall in love with group of loveable rogues, who were not only complex but relatable? Each character had their own et of morals but no matter what they still pulled for each other. Therefore, when the show got cancelled and the follow-on movie only did moderate business, many fans were heartbroken, as their world felt so real.

It’s a good thing that Dark Horse has continued living in this universe through various series that capture the spirit of the original show, with help from the Whedons. The first few series primarily were like “episodes” in the original television show. It was not until the excellent miniseries, “Leaves on The Wind”, that Browncoats got to deal with the aftermath of the movie. With the deaths of Wash and Shepherd, and the addition of Zoe’s daughter, Emma, their future never looked so uncertain.

In this latest miniseries, “No Power in The Verse”, the crew is still dealing their losses and grieving in their own ways. The political implications of the last miniseries, has the crew laying low for the Alliance and from a burgeoning movement to reignite the same civil war that Mal and Zoe fought all those years ago. That is why an emergency call, becomes a welcome interruption in their time of grief, and it is form an old friend. As always, everything is more than it seems as trouble lies ahead and not the trouble they were expecting.

Altogether, a strong start to an interesting addition to this universe’s canon, as it understands the issue of coping with grief better than I have seen in a while. Chris Roberson, explores some plausible repercussions, about keeps the spirit of the original TV show. Georges Jeanty, draws some vivid sequential art, which gives fans a new view of these familiar characters. Overall, so far, a series that every Browncoat will love.

Story: Chris Roberson Art: Georges Jeanty
Story:10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review